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The main objective of this year is to develop their language skills by teaching them:

To share and to express

  • respond to adult requests and learn to express their needs and discoveries
  • take initiative to share and discuss
  • participate in a group discussion
  • understand the essential rules and regulations of the class
  • learning to understand how to interact with other children or adults
  • understanding a question, an explanation, a short story…
  • comprehending stories that tend to be more complex

Better language ability by improving and understanding the spoken language

  • using the appropriate rules to sentence structure
  • correct use of tenses and words for example, nouns, verbs and adjectives
  • building vocabulary

Discover writing

  • discover the supporting tools for writing
  • explore the written language (stories and children’s literature)

Preparing to learn to read and write

  • distinguishing between speech sounds
  • learning the alphabet
  • learning the gestures of writing

Become a student

  • living together : learn the rules of being civil and the principles of adopting the right behavior accordingly
  • work together and become independent

Using body language to express oneself

  • practice of free or guided physical activities
  • the practice of activities which include rules
  • through the practice of artistic activities
  • acquiring a focused image of their own bodies

Discover the world through

  • objects
  • textures and feeling
  • discover life
  • various shapes and sizes
  • quantities and numbers
  • understanding the difference in time
  • understanding where you are

Perceive, imagine, feel and create

  • through drawings and the use of other materials
  • through listening and understanding
  • Years Old 3-4 Years
  • Class Size 20
  • Class Duration 08:00 am - 14:45 pm
  • Transportation Not Available
  • Uniforms Required
  • Class Staff 1 Teacher, 1 Caretaker