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Who We Are
We welcome children from 18 months to 5 years in a warm and secure environment focusing on their development. We have a dynamic team that will welcome children of various nationalities and expose them to French and English. We prepare your children with the basic skills of reading, writing and arithmetic which are a necessity for elementary education. Le Petit Poucet commits to:

  • develop your child’s positive social relationships
  • develop their language skills
  • develop their numerical skills
  • develop their graphic gestures
Why Choose Us?

Your child’s education is important

At Le Petit Poucet we take the development and care of your children very seriously. Our high level of education will make sure that these beginning years for your child will form a sound and strong springboard for their future education.

We have years of experience

All our teachers and caregivers are all highly educated and have years of experience in their specific roles of responsibility. We take responsibility for your children’s formative years and adhere to all the requirements needed.

Our school is in the countryside

Le Petit Poucet is located in the beautiful estate of Domaine de Labourdonnais in Mapou. Our school is in one of the old original stone houses of the estate and has a country setting around it with wide open spaces plenty of green spaces.

Stimulate, develop and educate

Our vision and mission is to continuously stimulate, develop and educate your children, preparing them for their next steps to formal education. We do this in a very safe and natural environment, which allows your children to be their own self.

Parent’s Testimonials

My son really enjoys going to Le Petit Poucet every morning and he always talks about what he did with his little friends at the end of each day. I can tell that he loves it there! Marie-Anne and her team are very welcoming and that makes my little boy feel safe and happy.


My eldest son went to Le Petit Poucet and still remembers Marie-Anne and her team. Now my two year old son is there and is very happy. I can see the improvement in his motor skills, counting and vocabulary. He loves the environment where the school is located.

Come and see for yourself
You are most welcome to come and visit the school with your little one to see if you like the possibility of joining our family
Meet Our Team

We are passionate about the development and education of the little people that will be our future.

Marie-Anne Cadet de Fontenay
School Director and Head Teacher
My passion is to see young children grow and develop into miniature adults.
Maud Marot
Assistant and Class Teacher
I love the naivety and innocence of the little people of today!