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At this stage, we teach mainly through language and games.

The general objectives for the first year are to assist your little ones to:

  • be capable of answering a question asked by an adult
  • understand instructions given by an adult
  • participate in group discussions
  • understand a story
  • talk about an event

Graphic activity and writing

Your child will discover graphics primarily through drawing activities, using different tools like fingers, pens, brushes and pencils as well as different supports to adapt their gestures. Theses graphic activities will allow them to learn drawing straight lines, circles, spirals or loops to assist them in acquiring writing essential skills of:

  • how to hold a pencil, a brush or a pen
  • use of the whole white space of the sheet
  • following a path with their eyes
  • learning to control their movements

Learning to live together

We will teach and guide your children to learn to live together through teaching them to be able to:

  • accept separation with their family
  • participate willingly in school activities
  • teach them to accept certain rules about how to live together
  • identify other children of the same group by their surnames

Discover the world

It is important that your little ones are able to:

  • be able to tell the difference between a girl and a boy
  • learn the main parts of the body

Act and speak using body language

Sensitivity, imagination and creation

  • Years Old 2-3 Years
  • Class Size 10
  • Class Duration 08:00 am - 14:45 pm
  • Transportation Not Available
  • Uniforms Required
  • Class Staff 2 Teachers, 2 Caretakers